dr hab. Henryk Marszałek, prof. UWr

Przewodniczący Rady Programowej Kongresu Miasto-Woda-Jakość życia; Open Eyes Economy Summit

He published over 80 works (including 26 in English), over 40 conference presentations (including English and Russian). He is the author of 2 and co-author of 12 scientific monographs, and co-authored 5 sheets of the Hydrogeological Map of Poland. He has about 100 unpublished studies in the field of hydrogeology, including: documentations, projects and expert opinions. Many times he has been awarded by the Rector of the Wrocław University for scientific achievements. He has reviewed dozens of scientific articles, including Balkema and Springer Editors, and was a reviewer of 5 doctoral dissertations and 3 post-doctoral (habilitation) dissertations. Cooperation with several foreign centers, including the University of St.Petersburg, the Charles University in Prague, Freie University in Berlin, UTAD University in Vila Real in Portugal, Sonora University in Hermosillo, Mexico. In 2017, he established cooperation with the Universities of Santo Tomas and INACAP in Santiago (Chile). He participated in several dozen of research projects (as a manager or contractor) and many national and international conferences. He was the supervisor of 3 PhD, 41 Master’s and 29 bachelor’s theses in the field of geology and environmental protection. He organized several long students scientific trips to various regions of Europe and Asia, including: the Altai Mountains, east of Kazakhstan, five times in Russia (Kola Pen., Karelia, Ural Mountains, Lake Baikal, Sayany Mts.), Georgia (Caucasus), Turkey, Ukraine (Carpatian Mts., Crimea) and Romania (Carpathians Mts.) and to Chile (Atacama desert). He was the head of scientific expeditions to polar regions (Svalbard and Greenland).

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