prof. dr hab. Jerzy Zwoździak

Przewodniczący Rady Programowej Kongresu Miasto-Woda-Jakość życia; Open Eyes Economy Summit

Prof. Jerzy Zwoździak has long experience in solving various scientific problems, teaching and training, and consultancy with respect to the broadly defined environmental protection. He has been cooperating with Polish industry from the early 80-ties l.c., elaborating numerous reports and expertises. He is particularly active in the field of: Environmental impact assessment studies, Environmental management; Source apportionment studies; Implementation new strategies in the environment, Methods of waste disposal, Land-use planning, Ecologistics. Prof. Jerzy Zwoździak obtained his PhD in the Institute of Environmental Protection Engineering at Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland and there he completed the habilitation. Since 1996 he is full professor. As part of his R&D activities, he was the project leader, main investigator and investigator of numerous national, bilateral and international projects, where he e.g. coordinated the complex, interdisciplinary project commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science: “New methodologies and technologies for the deodorization of industrial, agricultural and municipal sectors” (PBZ-MEiN – 5/2/2006). As part of his professional performance, Prof. Jerzy Zwoździak served as Director of Institute, Dean of Faculty and a Head of scientific and teaching Department at Wrocław University of Technology. Among others, he was Specialist Adviser to Minister of Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry, Specialist Adviser to Minister of Economy, Specialist Advisor to General Inspector of Environmental Protection and a Member of various advisory/review groups (e.g. Polish Academy of Science and Polish Scientific Research Committee). Recently, he served as vice-President of National Water Management Authority, where he e.g. was responsible for cooperation with EU. Prof. Jerzy Zwoździak was awarded the Minister of Education and Minister of Environment prizes and numerous Rector, Dean and Director of WUT ones.

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